Efes office

For the representative office of the brewing company Efes, we have developed furniture for light meeting and recreation areas. For the entrance group, they proposed and implemented modular sofa elements to meet guests and employees of the company.A decorative wall with a logo separates the office hall from the open space zone. The logo is surrounded by a frame with stabilized moss and hidden lighting. The solution looks very modern and easy. Green solutions give freshness to the office. Also in the lobby of the office provides a place to store product samples of the company and other interior objects. In this area, employees can also hold short meetings and presentations. To do this, we have provided a projector on the ceiling and a screen for displaying video and text material.

180 m2
BC "Royal Plaza"
Project and implementation

In general, this decision of the space made it filled with function and looks very fresh. Now employees can switch their attention and discuss business issues with their colleagues. And guests of the office can learn interesting facts about the company and just relax during a break between meetings.


Photo and video