The office of ALIDI-West

Alidi Company is the number 1 distributor and one of the largest suppliers of products from renowned international manufacturers Procter & Gamble, Nestle and Nestle Purina, Mars and Wrigley.

The office of the Minsk subdivision of the Company is located in the Sky Towers business center at ul. Dombrovskaya, 9. The premises of the P&G division are located in one of the towers of the Business Center. As specialists in the field of workspaces, we were given several tasks:

  • Seating of all employees of departments, taking into account the current interaction of personnel
  • Office wall color
  • Branding office walls
  • Author’s support for works
  • Area
    500 m2
    9 Dombrovskaja st., Minsk, BC Sky Towers
    Project and implementation

    The designers drawed the seating schemes for employees and the location of the internal walls and glass partitions. Also, solutions were proposed to improve the location of sockets and lamps.

    Our team has offered modern and memorable office identity solutions. As you know, identity is a visual component of a brand, designed to increase its recognition and create an impression of integrity.

    Inoffice specialists have created a full-fledged graphic interior design using Alidi and Procter & Gamble branding solutions. Today, no modern office can be imagined without a comprehensive design: color design, branding, landscaping, acoustic solutions.

    We also developed the design of all the elements of decor and branding, agreed with the customer and mounted it on site.


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